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Shelling in Fort Myers Beach

Where: Best Places to Shell on Fort Myers Beach

The Gulf-side of the beach is the best place to find great shells. All along the beach side in Fort Myers Beach you can find a wide variety of shells. Regardless of whether you like to shell at the edge of the water, in the sand a few feet from the water's edge, or in the water around low-tide, you are sure to always find some great shells.

When: Best Time to Shell on Fort Myers Beach

Any time of day is a great time to find great shells on Fort Myers Beach, however low tide is often the best time to find really unique shells. During low tide, the water is very shallow which allows you to see more of the ocean floor. This shallow water exposes shells that are hidden during regular and high tide. Another great time to shell is after a storm on the beach. However, safety first -- it is important to not shell during a storm that is producing lightning and large waves. Always wait until the storm has completely cleared the area before you begin shelling.

How: Best Way to Shell on Fort Myers Beach

Shelling is quite simple and all you really need is a bucket, bag, or container to collect the shells that you find. Some other equipment that may be helpful while shelling are water shoes and a shovel. Don't forget your hat and a bottle of water to keep you cool and hydrated.

What: Things to know about Shelling on Fort Myers Beach

The Florida Shelling Laws are put in place to make sure that our wildlife habitats are preserved. If you find a shell that contains any specimen, whether it may seem to be alive or not, you are outlawed from removing these specimens from the beach. Removal of any sea urchins, starfish, or sand dollars is also not permitted.

In addition, Fort Myers Beach asks that all of its visitors only remove a small number of shells from our beaches. Only take the amount of shells that you will use and appreciate. It is important that no one takes buckets of shells, because if everyone did that, the shelling on Fort Myers Beach would lose its appeal and value.
Please enjoy your time shelling on Fort Myers Beach, and remember to respect the wildlife habitats.
Shelling is one of the most popular activities for people visiting our beaches. Searching for shells is a very fun and relaxing way to spend your day here in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.
Every day, the gentle waves at Fort Myers Beach catch incoming shells of all shapes, sizes, varieties and colors. They arrive by the hundreds of thousands, mostly fully intact and ready to be found by seasoned shelling pros and amateur shell hunters alike. Visitors to our beaches can find calico scallops, banded tulips, starfish, horse conchs, corkscrew-shaped augers, sand dollars, the unique lion's paw and the extraordinary Junonia shell, among hundreds of others.
We've put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your shelling experience.